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About us

We would like to introduce Chiangmai Zoo Aquarium

that the first Aquarium Center in the Southeast Asian region with a large underwater tunnel and longest in the world. It collectsthe freshwater fishes from the Meakhong River and the sea to be interdependent living. Chiangmai Zoo Aquarium is a new attraction, and is aquariums centers of Asia and the world in the future. The project area is 10Rai, and the area ofaquariumexhibition building is​13,985 square meters. There is aunderwater tunnel in the building which is a freshwater and a sea tunnel and linked together by auto-walking way and is the longest in the world and total length is 133 meters. The sea tunnel length is 66.5 meters and the freshwater tunnel is 66.5 meters which is the longest in the world. The tunnel is made from clear acrylic which thickness is more than 2.5 inches and can get water pressure at a depth of 5 meters safely. There is exhibition of the aquatic species both the freshwater and sea animals. It exhibits the important of the aquatic species from the rain forests of the world both Asia and Amazon.

General Information about Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium

  • It is located on areas of 10 acres
  • The area of exhibition building is ​​13,985 square meters.
  • Chiangmai Zoo Aquarium is located about 400 meters above sea level.
  • There is the longest underwater tunnel in the world. The length of the tunnel is 133 meters, 66.5 meters of the fresh water tunnel and 66.5 meters of the sea tunnel.
  • The fresh water tunnel is the longest in the world.
  • There is auto-walking way on length of 230 meters to link between the fresh water tunnel and the sea tunnel.
  • The tunnel material is acrylic which thickness is 5.5 cm. and the thickness of acrylic ata panoramic screen is 15 cm.
  • The Acrylic in the tunnel is a concave lens, so can depict the fish smaller than the actual 30%.
  • The acrylic at the exhibition areas such as Milkfish tank, Nemo tank, Threadfin tank, is a convex lens, so can depict the fish larger than the actual 30%.
  • The acrylic at the panorama screen is a normal lens, so can depict the fish as a real size.


of Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium introduction


A kindness sea big shark


A naughty giant catfish


A travelling little turtle


A fresh little jellyfish


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