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Jungle Explorer


Explore the forest of various species of trees to study the waterfront ecology and learn to explore the freshwater by habitats.

DoiInthanon Mountain

Rainforests style natural of the mountain has both plants and fish in the high area.
DoiInthanonis the highest peak in Thailand with 2,565 meters above sea level.There are interesting species of plant such as Millennium Rose, Bracken, Large moss and several orchid species. Atyour right hand side is the Wachiratarnwaterfall model that is a very beautiful waterfall in the DoiInthanon.


The Valley of wetlands waterfront

It is full filled with marine species from the main river of Thailand and is beautifulAquatic plants. To meet a Shortfin eel (Giant Eel), Glass catfish (fish with a transparent body in the world).

Aquarium plantscabinet

It is done under the concept of “Creating the spectacular underwater scenery, showing the beauty of true plants “. It is an overall composition of aquatic plants which gradient from the back to the front or called as the embellishing style "Front is water and behind is mountain." It is physiognomy which refers to a house with mountains is in the background and the river is in front.Ancient people considered to be a fortune place decoration.Inside of the box is made as the natural environment by decorate rainforest of the Amazon Basin style and put the timber, stones and plants in the box as following.

  • The ground floor is put by natural volcanic rock consists of high quality of mineral. There are special characteristic of better absorbency and porosity, so can accumulate the useful bacteria and microorganisms.
  • Next layer is special soil ADA which is synthesized by the aquatic plants growing expert Japanese who invented. It is consists of organic matter which is useful for the aquatic plants.

For the box decoration is divided the aquatic plants by three categories as following.

  • The aquatic plants for growing in front of cabinet should be the small size, slow growing and small leaves such as a mini hair grass, hair grass, Brikza and spiky moss.
  • The aquatic plants for growing at middle of cabinet should be the middle size, medium growing, a stems growing out the side and not obscure the behind plants such as Anuubias, Barterry, Anubias Nana, M. pteropus, and Gracillima.
  • The aquatic plants for growing at behind of cabinet should be the fast growing, Long and slim stems and long leaves such as long tape and Red clip.

These aquatic plants are useful in helping to balance the water and the fish by produce the oxygen in the water, and treat the waste of the fish, and also are the housing, hiding and spawning place.From the beginning of the ornamental aquatic plants for a beautiful, it is developed to be“The art of underwater gardening”. It is a new hobby and has been widely popular around the world.


Flooded Forest

Flooded Forest exhibition zone is center of culture and civilization and reflects the civilization of the ancient tribes. It collect more than 20 species of freshwater fish from the Amazon Basin such as Arowana fish, Asian red tail catfish, MegalodorasIrwini, and including  the rare aquatic animals from both domestic and abroad such as Paradise threadfin which extinctions from the Natural sources currently.


Beauty and the Beast

The nature creates a beauty and a special shape for aquatic animals to match with their living environment.Meet Axolotl or water fox and someone call a fish with legs, Salamander that live in the water all his life and has super miracle of the body that can regenerate over time, and Wolf herring or living knife that a rare and endangered fish from the Mekong River.



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