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Fascination Inshore

Marvel of the mysterious charm of the Coast is area that likes a bridge between the ground and the sea. It can be seen the amazed story of the Falcon, Garden Eel, Ribbon Eel, Snake Eel, Bamboo Shark and its egg which is a perfectly natural life to born more than 100 baby of the Bamboo Shark in the sea on top of this mountain.


Color of the Sea

Diversity of coral reef ecosystems

Coral is a living creature in the sea and classified in the Anthozoa class and Sea anemones. It is a small size but lives together in a colony which comprising by many single polyps. It is a group that makes a major reef and found in tropical seas. It can extract calcium carbonate from seawater to build a solid structure to be housing.

Although the corals can catch fish and small animal as plankton by using poison needle (Nematocyst) on their antennae, but most of the coral to get nutrients from Single cell algae which synthesizing only light and is called Zooxanthellae.It make the coral to live according to the sun directly and will grow in shallow sea water. Usually it lives in areas with depth less than 60 meters. These corals are considered the creator of the physical structure of the reef which developed in the tropical sea and sub-tropical areas such asthe Great Barrier Reef which locating at off the coast of Queensland, Australia. But some coral species survive without involving algae, due to lives in deep seas as the Atlantic and the Pacific such as genus “Lophelia”surviving as deep as 3,000 meters of the cold-water.Examples of these corals is found at the Darwin Mounds located north-west of Cape Wrath, Scotland, and also can see at the coast of Washington State and the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.


Touching and Feeding

Meet a new experience with the zone where you can touch sea animals closely with Starfishand Black sea cucumber. This zone will make you excited to very tame and playful Stingray feeding.


Keep Me Secret

The astonishment of these little creatures, the charm of the mystery and the finding of an aspect of marine life are that you may have never met before. Expose exhibition of the rare sea creatures many species such as Nautilu is origins of the world's first submarine. The miracle of the colors of the sea button and sea mushrooms that might make you feel the party atmosphere at night, and marvel at the variety of marine shrimp and interesting life story.




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